Writing and Presentations

  • Personal Blog


  • Nursing Times Webinar (2013)

I co led a webinar on Social Media and Nursing for the Nursing times

  • Leeds Data Thing (2013) Leaving Footprints


  • Unheard Voices Exhibition, Leeds 2013


  • The beginning of new Health and Care Voices, NHS Leadership Academy (2014)


  • NHS England Health and Innovation Expo (2014) – Referenced in Blog by Jane Dwelly


  • Interviewed for article in HSJ (2014) ‘It started with a tweet: how social media sparked a campaign for change’


  • Webinar Presentation, NHS IQ Horizons Team, School of Health and Care Radicals (2015) http://youtu.be/AqNifsiTLbM
  • ‘Dementia friendly communities and why everyone needs a good neighbour’ Blog for NHS England (2015) http://www.england.nhs.uk/6cs/2015/02/20/vanessa-garrity/
  • National Flu Awards, 2015 (NHS Employers) I presented the Award for best use of Digital and Social Media for a Flu Campaign
  • Lincoln Compassion in Practice Conference : Keynote Presentation (2015) ‘Sociable Health Care’


  • Ahead of the game in Dementia, NHS England Conference ‘A Sociable approach to Professional Development’ workshop’


2 thoughts on “Writing and Presentations

  1. Peter Adu

    Dear Angels, how is progress?
    I have been referred to you by Tobias Reece from the NHS Academy in Leeds, about finding people to become trustees to govern a charitable company described at http://www.laumedal.org the first focus is on mental health and so perhaps there is potential for partnership. Thank you.
    Best wishes


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