About Sociable Angels Ltd

Sociable Angels is a UK Health Care Consultancy  that is committed to providing innovative and creative solutions that place social value at the heart of its work. We are passionate about making a difference and we are dedicated to delivering change in a way that has the potential to improve patient experience and outcomes of care.

Sociable Angels was founded from the belief that the challenges we face within our UK Health Care System require a more collaborative approach that combines the energies of health care professionals, citizens and the people who receive care and treatment from our services.

Sociable Angels believe that sometimes the most effective solutions for teams, services and organisations can be found by taking a view from the outside looking in. Sociable Angels can provide an independent perspective, whilst being able to blend this with the knowledge, skills and experiences gained from having twenty plus years experience of working directly within the Public Sector.

Sociable Angels takes an ethical approach to its work, which is driven by our strong public sector values. As such, we offer exceptional value for money and we are committed to delivering a high quality service in the most efficient way possible.

Sociable Angels will at all times take a social approach to our work through continued engagement with our Social Media Community. We will share our journey and experiences via our blog, along with any resources, articles and pieces that we think will add value within our community. We will be open, transparent and collaborative in all that we do. As such, we will heartily seek out collaborations with people who share our values and who are as committed as us to improving our health care system, for now and in the future.

Our Customers

We offer a bespoke approach to all our work, which we develop by connecting with our customers in a way that allows us to understand their values, expectations and outcomes. Our customers are generally from within the public and independent healthcare sector, though we are open to exploring new opportunities and collaborations where we are able to add value.

Our Collaborators

We believe in open innovation and as such will always seek out ideas, opportunities and expertise by looking to our network of connections to collaborate and share. We believe that this approach adds value and maximises opportunities for creativity and innovation.

We use a number of approaches within our work and can provide the following

  • Improvement and Innovation Consultancy
  • Service Development
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Governance support
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Events Management in Health Care
  • Speaking
  • Social Media and Digital Health Consultancy
  • Commissioning Support
  • Specialist Mental Health Consultancy
  • Interim Management Support
  • Investigation Management


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